22nd September 2017.

Steamline has had a very busy year, following a number of other busy years. As a result we are taking an extended break in October, so we can come back to the winter season relaxed and refreshed. The website will remain open but there will be no additions or changes between 27th September and 27th October. Customers may still order or reserve stock by email although there may be delays in us responding, but we will respond to you as soon as is practical.

Normal business will resume as from 28th October.

Today I added GWR '47xx' 2-8-0 No. 4705 to the 'LOCOS GWR AND BR(W)' page.

18th September 2017.

Today I added the following stock.

'PREGROUPING' page. Added a LB&SCR Stroudley 'G' class, a Midland Railway Covered Carriage truck and a SE&CR non-corridor coach.

'MISCELLANEOUS' page. Added a DJH unmade kit for a BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0.

'COACH SETS' page. Added a beautiful set of three GWR clerestory corridor coaches by Lee Marsh Models.

'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page. Added 92220 'Evening Star' by L.H.Loveless/55H Models and an 08 Diesel Shunter in green by Dapol.

'LOCOS GWR AND BR(W)' page. Added a BR '48xx' class 0-4-2 tank by Masterpiece Models and a BR 74xx Pannier Tank by Lionheart Trains.

'GAUGE 1' page. Added a Bachmann GWR Small Prairie and a Bachmann GWR Pannier tank. 

9th September 2017.

The following 3 BR wagons previously marked as 'Reserved' have not been collected and are available again.

BR 8 Ton Insul-Meat van No. M189544.

BR 15 Ton Lowmac 'E' wagon No. B905008 loaded with a McCormick tractor load.  

BR 30 Ton Bogie Bolster type 'C' wagon No. B923099 with pipe load. 

See the 'WAGONS - BR' page.

6th September 2017.

Following discussions with Finescale Brass/55H Models at Telford, we understand that they will be progressing very soon with the production of their Limited Edition 'Britannia' and 'Duke of Gloucester' models in conjunction with FM Models in Korea. There will be a maximum of 80 'Britannias' and 40 Duke of Gloucesters' with no further production planned after these. There were 55 'Britannias' in the class (70000 - 70054) but not all of these will be modelled - only those locos where specific orders have been received in advance from Customers will be produced. As some of the loco names are more popular, these are likely to be duplicated in production meaning that many of the class are unlikely to be produced at all.

I am pleased to say that orders can now be placed via Steamline Ltd. Whilst the window of opportunity is shortening ahead of production commencing, orders are still at this point in time being taken and you are still able to choose the actual loco number/name you require. This situation may change within the next few weeks.

FM Models will be producing the 3 tender types (BR1 BR1A & BR1D) plus the 4 designs of smoke deflector (2 hand holes, 2 hand holes with cupped backs, 6 hand holes and the original handrails). So you can have your model with the correct tender and correct configuration of smoke deflectors, with a whole raft of other smaller design details particular to each loco. We will be happy to assist in the configuration.

The price is £2600 per loco with an extra £350 if you require DCC and sound. A deposit will be required to confirm your order.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements further. By email at enquiries@steamline.co.uk or by telephone on 01422-201247

4th September 2017.

Many thanks to all our Customers who came to see us at Telford. It was hectic at times and I know there were some long queues to get into the Exhibition Hall on Saturday, but hopefully everyone made it and enjoyed the show. Many thanks also to the Gauge 'O' Guild Events Team who really work hard over a long period of time to make these events a success.

30th August 2017.

LMS Black Five No. 5094 reduced from £895 to £795.

B1 61039 'Steinbok' reduced from £1895 to £1795.

'Peak' diesel D45 reduced from £1245 to £1195.

29th August 2017.

Further Price Reductions.

BR (ex- LNER, ex- GNSR) D40 No. 62271 reduced from £695 to £650. 

Class 20 diesel in BR blue No. D8003 reduced from £900 to £700.

28th August 2017.

I will be putting some Price Reductions through this week starting with the following.

Heljan Class 26 diesel reduced from £625 to £595.

Stanier Jubilee No. 45593 'Kohlapur' reduced from £1650 to £1550.

LNER (ex- GNR) K2 No. 4698 'Loch Rannoch' reduced from £950 to £895.

BR (ex- LNER, ex- GNR) K2 No. 61738 reduced from £895 to £850.

25th August 2017.

Added BR Standard 9F 2-10-0 No. 92210 by L.H. Loveless. See the 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page.

Added LMS 'Black Five' No. 5094. See the 'LOCOS LMS AND BR(M)' page.

Added various coaches to the 'COACHES' page. A Pullman Car 'Diamond/Daffodil Bar'. A Bachmann Brass BR MK1 full Corridor Brake in crimson/cream. Three Bachmann Brass BR Mk1 coaches, unpainted (BSK, SO and SK).

All new additions are at the top of each page.

20th August 2017.

Added BR Stanier 'Duchess of Montrose' and 'Black Five'. See the 'LOCOS LMS AND BR(M)' page.

Added BR Gresley A3 No. 60040 'Cameronian'. See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page.

Added BR 'Merchant Navy' No. 35004 'Cunard White Star' and 'Battle of Britain' Light Pacific No. 34051 'Winston Churchill'. See the 'LOCOS SR AND BR(S)' page. 

Added BR Standard 'Britannia' No. 70054 'Dornoch Firth'. See the 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page.

All new additions are at the top of each page.

19th August 2017.

Many of 'The Kidderminster Collection' Locomotives have had significant price reductions.

18th August 2017.

Added Dapol BR 08 diesel shunter with DCC and Sound. Added Bachmann Brass BR 03 diesel shunter with DCC, Sound and Working Lights. See the 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page.

13th August 2017.

Added 20 Private Owner wagons - see the 'WAGONS - PRIVATE OWNER' page.

Added BR 'West Country' No' 34108 'Wincanton' and BR ex- SR S15 No. 30842. See the 'LOCOS SR AND BR(S)' page.

Added BR ex- LMS Stanier 8F No. 48706. Added an LMS ex- MR Class '1492' 2-4-0 tender loco. Added an LMS ex- North Staffs Class 'B' 2-4-0 tank loco. See the 'LOCOS LMS AND BR(M)' page.

Added a BR ex-LMS 'Stove R' 6 wheel Brake and a Gresley Composite 1st/3rd Corridor Coach. Also an LMS ex- LNWR/WCJS 12-wheel dining car. See the 'COACHES' page.

Added a GWR container wagon and a GWR Iron Mink van. See the 'WAGONS - GWR' page.

Added some interesting models to the 'PREGROUPING' page.  MR Class '1400' loco, LNWR 'Claughton' and 3 LNWR corridor coaches.

Added a fine rake of 6 LMS Period 1 Coaches. See the 'COACH SETS' page.

Added a stunning Gauge 1 Midland Railway 4-4-0 and a Private Owner Salt Wagon.  See the 'GAUGE 1' page

Note that all new additions are at the TOP of each page.

7th August 2017.

Added two fine Lionheart GWR locos. A Churchward 45xx 'Small Prairie' and a Churchward 43xx 2-6-0. See the 'LOCOS GWR AND BR(W)' page.

5th August 2017.

Various additions today. LMS 'Jubilee' No. 5581 'Bihar and Orissa' added to 'LOCOS LMS AND BR(M)' page. Metropolitan Bo-Bo Electric No. 20 'Sir Christopher Wren' added to 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page. GWR 47xx 2-8-0 No. 4705 added to 'LOCOS GWR AND BR(W)' page. More wagons/van added to the 'WAGONS - GWR' page. Southern Railway ex- SDJR 6-wheel full passenger brake and BR ex- LNER TPO Stowage Van added to 'COACHES' page. Metropolitan 3-car 'Chesham' set added to 'COACH SETS' page. LNWR well wagon with boiler added to 'PREGROUPING' page.  Note that all new additions are at the TOP of each page.  

2nd August 2017.

Added LNER Streamlined  P2 No. 2004 'Mons Meg'. See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page.  Added 7 GWR locos - see the 'LOCOS GWR AND BR(W)' page. These include City of Bristol, King Richard III, St. Mawes Castle, Clifton Hall, 2 Prairies and a 14xx. All new additions are at the top of the pages. Please note that locos can be reserved for inspection at Telford with a 10% deposit (returnable if you decide not to proceed with a purchase). This is based on one loco reservation per Customer.

29th July 2017.

Today added the following. BR ex- GWR No. 5006 'Tregenna Castle' See the 'LOCOS GWR AND BR(*W)' page.  Class 45 'Peak' Diesel No. D45. See the 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page. Also added 6 more tanker wagons of various types. See the 'WAGONS - PRIVATE OWNER' page (new additions are at the top).

23rd July 2017.

Today added GWR Collett Brake/Third Coach No. 1647. See the 'COACHES' page.  Added a further 11 wagons (2 Private Owner, 1 LMS, 1 LNER, 1 GWR, 6 Southern Railway.) See the various 'WAGONS' pages. Note that new additions are at the TOP of each page. 

21st/22nd July 2017.

This is the start of the build up for Telford. I have lots of stock to add over the coming weeks.

Added a variety of oil and petrol tank wagons, 10 in total. See the 'WAGONS - PRIVATE OWNER' page. The latest additions are at the top of the page.

Added a Gresley A3 Pacific No. 60054 'Prince of Wales' and an A4 Pacific 60030 'Golden Fleece' both in BR Green (late). See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page. Added a Heljan 'Deltic'. See the 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page.

Added 3 fine Pregrouping Items. A Midland Railway CCT (Covered Carriage Truck) by J.G. Petcher, a Great Eastern Railway Fruit Van and a London & South Western Railway Ventilated Van. See the 'PREGROUPING' page. I have also moved the rake of 5 LNWR coaches to the PREGROUPING page.

I have also reorganised the WAGONS pages into regional groupings so there are now separate pages for GWR, LMS, LNER, SR and BR. On the new 'WAGONS - GWR' page I have added 20 GWR wagons which are all new listings today - these are the first 20 shown at the top of the page.

Also added an LMS Meat Van - see the 'WAGONS - LMS' page.

16th July 2017.

Today added the following, BR ex- GWR Parcels and Passenger Razor Edge Railcars, and a GWR Holcroft '1361' class dock shunter. See the 'LOCOS GWR AND BR(W)' page.  A GWR 'Ocean Mails' coach. See the 'COACHES' page. A fine rake of Five LNWR Corridor Coaches. See the 'COACH SETS' page. An LBSCR bullion van. See the 'Railway Company Wagons' page (new additions are at the top). 

14th july 2017.

Added a Gauge '1' BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4 Tank. See the 'GAUGE 1' page. In Gauge 'O' added an LNER ex- GNR K2 2-6-0 No. 4698 'Loch Rannoch' See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page. Added various wagons. See the 'RAILWAY COMPANY WAGONS' and 'PRIVATE OWNER WAGONS' pages. Note that new additions are at the TOP of each Wagons page. 

9th july 2017.

Plenty of new stock added today including the following. BR ex- LMS 'Fowler' Patriot No. 45516 'The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment' by Lee Marsh Models. LNER ex-GNR Atlantic No. 3990 'Henry Oakley'. A pair of Great Western 'City of Truro' locos in early and later GWR liveries. A Heljan Class 26 and a Heljan prototype D0280 'Falcon'. 92220 'Evening Star' by L.H.Loveless/55H Models. Industrial 0-6-0 'Gemma'. A rake of 4 LNER Tourist Stock coaches. Stanier 'Duchess of Abercorn' (Scratchbuilt). A single car 'Derby Lightweight' diesel unit. A BR ex- Midland 4F 0-6-0 and tender by Bachmann Brass.  So lots of pages for you to look at. I am now starting preparations for Telford and I am happy to reserve any item of stock for collection there, subject to a deposit.

7th June 2017.

Added BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4 Tank loco No. 80079. See the 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page.

1st June 2017.

Added BR ex- LMS Stanier Jubilee 'Kohlapur'. See the 'LOCOS LMS AND BR(M)' page. Added BR ex- LNER Gresley J39 0-6-0 No. 64877 and a K2/2 2-6-0 No. 61738. See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page. Added 2 Dapol BR brake vans and a GWR 'Python' Carriage Truck . See the 'WAGONS' page. Added a LMS 'Stove R' 6-wheel Passenger Brake. See the 'COACHES' page.

29th May 2017.

Today I added a small collection of locos which form 'The Essex Collection'. There are some coaches and wagons to be added later. These models make up the collection of a gentleman modeller from that county who is retiring from the hobby due to ill health. See new index page 'THE ESSEX COLLECTION'. Please note that whilst I strive to offer models of the very highest quality, I do provide a service to sell collections on a commission basis and perhaps 75% of my sales at present are in that category. In providing that service I cannot, and do not wish, to 'cherry pick' the models. Hence some collections provide models of less than perfect condition, but please note that the models are fully and accurately described here and are priced to take account of their condition and level of prior use. The Essex Collection comes into this category.

Also Added a Gresley J39 0-6-0 and a Peppercorn K1 2-6-0. See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page. Added a Heljan Class 31 and a Heljan Class 37. See the 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page.

27th May 2017.

Added a collection of unused BR wagons by Skytrex, see the 'RAILWAY COMPANY WAGONS' page. Added a pair of BR ex-LMS Stanier corridor coaches and a short rake of three BR ex-LNER Thompson corridor coaches. See the 'COACH SETS' page.

26th May 2017.

Added BR ex-LNER Thompson A2/3 Pacific No. 60523 'Sun Castle'. See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page.

24th May 2017.

Added 4 very nice LMS coaches, period I and period II. See the 'COACHES' page. Added 4 long wheelbase bogie wagons, 3 GWR and 1 LNER. See the 'RAILWAY COMPANY WAGONS' page.

23rd May 2017.

Added LMS Stanier 2-6-4 Tank loco and LMS ex-LNWR Class G1 0-8-0 freight loco. See the 'LOCOS LMS AND BR(M)' page.

15th May 2017.

More wagons added (salt wagons). See the 'PRIVATE OWNER WAGONS' page.

14th May 2017.

More wagons added.

13th May 2017.

The focus for the rest of this month is wagons, and lots of them (although there are a few locos coming also). I have started adding to the 'RAILWAY COMPANY WAGONS' and 'PRIVATE OWNER WAGONS' pages and I will try to add more each day. There are in excess of 200 wagons still to be added.

Added 60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley' by Sunset Models, see the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page. Added Gauge 1 BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4 Tank Locoby Finescale Brass/Sancheng. See the 'GAUGE 1' page.

Please note that any item of stock may be reserved for inspection/purchase at the DONCASTER Gauge 'O' Guild show on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

9th May 2017.

5 locos added today all by Finescale Brass/Sancheng. See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page for V2 No. 60872 'Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry' and J39 0-6-0 No. 64891. See the 'LOCOS LMS AND BR(M)' page for Royal Scot No. 46133 'The Green Howards' and Stanier 8F No. 48251. See the 'LOCOS GWR AND BR(W)' page for Grange 4-6-0 No. 6853 'Morehampton Grange'.

4th May 2017.

Added some fine Gauge 1 models. An Aster live steam BR Standard class 5 4-6-0 and a rake of Golden Age Pullman coaches. See the 'GAUGE 1' page. Also added in 'O' Gauge a fine short rake of 3 GWR vintage clerestory coaches by Lee Marsh Models. See the 'COACH SETS' page. A Bachmann Brass 'Super BG' full brake. See the 'COACHES' page. A Finescale Brass/Sancheng model of BR ex-LNER V2 No. 60800 'Green Arrow'. See the 'LOCOS LNER AND BR(E)' page.