All Models offered for sale on this site are 'O' Gauge Finescale, electric powered with the exception of the 'Gauge 1' page which displays models in this larger scale. Unless otherwise stated, all locomotives are DC powered. Where locomotives have digital control (DCC), with sound, or with sound and smoke - this will be indicated on the Description page. For each individual model shown on the Products pages, click on the photograph to open up the Description page which will show full details, price and a photo gallery of that particular model.

The site is organised into Products Pages according to the four main British Railways region with their Pre-Nationalisation equivalent. For example the 'LOCOS LMS AND BR(M)' page includes locomotives which the LMS inherited, were built by the LMS or which passed from the LMS into British Railways ownership in 1948. However any locomotives of Pregrouping origin (ie. Pre- 1923) and still in their original liveries are shown on the 'PREGROUPING' page.

Locomotives which were built by British Railways from 1948 (including Diesels) are shown on the 'LOCOS BR AND DIESELS' page. Individual Coaches, Coach Sets (anything from a pair to a full rake), and Wagons each have their own Products pages.

Occasionally, a collection will be offered as such and will have its own Products page on the Menu Bar.

A large proportion of the models offered for sale are pre-owned, many are new. The descriptions will indicate this.

The stock includes Steamline owned models, and models offered for sale on a commission basis on behalf of my many Customers, friends and contacts in the Model Railway business.

Steamline Ltd is approaching its 20th year of trading. 

  IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use the Menu Bar to see the different categories of products on this site. On the products pages, hover over the photographs to see a brief description. Click on the photograph to open up the Description page for that item where you will see full details, prices and a photo gallery.