LRP01. An excellent model of BR ex- LMS Rebuilt ‘Royal Scot’ 4-6-0 No. 46170 ‘British Legion’. From a Gladiator kit, very well built by a top class modelmaker and finished in BR lined green with later crest by the late Les Richards. Shedplate 5A Crewe North. Fitted with Ron Chaplin double reduction gearbox and with Buhler or similar motor. Very good cab detail. I originally commissioned this model from the builder many years ago and it has spent virtually all its time with the present owner in its original box. So really it can be described as very lightly used or test run only. The prototype was a rebuild of the experimental high pressure loco ‘Fury’, the rebuild carried out by North British Loco Co. at Glasgow in 1935. The LMS lumped it into the ‘Royal Scot’ class as a matter of convenience as it was not really a ‘Scot’ having a unique and longer boiler which could not be exchanged with other members of the class (which also prolonged its time in works for heavy repairs). LMS engine crew described the extra power from this bigger boiler as being able to pull ‘one coach more than a Scot’. It lasted until December 1962, being withdrawn from Llandudno Junction (having spent only 3 months there, it was really a Crewe loco). SOLD.