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(1) All models offered for sale on the pages of this website are in Gauge 'O' (a scale of 7mm = 1 foot) EXCEPT those shown on the 'GAUGE 1' Page (where the scale is 10mm = 1 foot).

(2) The majority of models are Direct Current (DC) powered. Where models are fitted for Digital Command Control (DCC), some with sound, this information will be clearly stated in the model's description.

(3) Models shown on the website with a price in the descriptive text are usually still available for purchase. The website does not have a 'basket' type ordering facility but please email your requirements to ENQUIRIES@STEAMLINE.CO.UK and we will respond.




A fine model of BR Rebuilt Bulleid ‘West Country’ 4-6-2 Pacific No. 34100 ‘Appledore’, Golden Arrow version. This is from a David Andrews kit, very well built and painted by Graham Varley. In BR lined green with late crest and fitted with Golden Arrow Insignia, shedplate 73A Stewarts Lane. Fitted with ABC gearbox and Canon or similar motor, and with compensation on the centre driving axle. Excellent cab detail. The model has been test run only. The prototype was into service from Brighton Works in December 1949, was rebuilt in September 1960 and was at either Stewarts Lane or Ramsgate through to September 1963. Then it moved to Salisbury, from where it was withdrawn in July 1967. So it just about saw out the end of Southern Region steam however it was unfortunate in not going to Barry but instead went to Cashmore’s at Newport who reduced it to its constituent parts within 3 months.