This page features latest news and forthcoming updates.

15th January 2018.

Please note that European legislation now in force means that companies can no longer pass charges on to Customers for handling payments. This is primarily for card payments, but to ensure I stay within the law I am no longer accepting standard Paypal payments. Paypal typically deduct 4% from any payments made through them, and I am not prepared to accept this (much of what I sell is on commission at 15% so a 4% deduction represents a large portion of this).  The exception is Paypal 'Friends and Family' (no deductions made) which I will continue to accept.

12th May 2017.

The next show is the Gauge 'O' Guild show at DONCASTER on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

21st November 2016.

Please note that due to prior commitments STEAMLINE LTD are unable to attend the Reading 'O' Gauge Show on the revised date of Saturday 10th December 2016.

23rd October 2016.

There is a significant piece of news that I must pass on to all 'O' Gauge enthusiasts. The date for the READING 'O' GAUGE SHOW on Saturday 3rd December has been CHANGED due to the venue having taken duplicate bookings for the same date. They have reorganised the event for the following Saturday, 10th December.

6th October 2016.

This coming Sunday 9th October is the Keighley Model Railway Club 'O' Gauge day at their club premises in Keighley, West Yorkshire.  I and several other traders will be talking trade stands, please try and make it if you can. There are several 'O' gauge layouts and a test track so if you want to bring something to run I am sure you will be accommodated.

26th August 2016.

ANOTHER TELFORD REMINDER. I probably have more stock available on my website now than I have ever had. The amount I can take to Telford is limited to much less than 50% of my total stock, so if you do have interest in a particular model and would like to view it at Telford then please advise me in advance. THANKS. 

8th August 2016.

TELFORD REMINDER. The biggest show of the year is only 4 weeks away (3rd/4th September). This is a reminder that any model from my website can be reserved with a 10% deposit for inspection at Telford. This is fully refundable if you decide not to proceed with a purchase. Also I cannot take all my stock to shows so please advise in advance if there is anything in particular you want me to take (subject to availability).

11th June 2016.

TELFORD......TELFORD.....TELFORD. This big annual event is approaching fast. See our 'Events' page. Any item of stock can be held for your inspection at Telford with a 10% deposit, refundable if you decide not to purchase.

18th May 2016

I have plenty of new stock to add ahead of the Doncaster show (4th June) and will make a start on that in the next few days.

10th April 2016.

Please note that I will be on holiday from 18th April to 6th May so there will be no new listings or despatches during this period. I will still be responding to emails.

10th March 2016

Please note that as well as Steamline I do have a 'day' job which can mean I away for the odd day, so please bear with me if I am not able to respond immediately to emails.

8th February 2016.

Any available models shown on my website can be reserved for viewing, without obligation, at the ALSRM show in Manchester (14th February) or the Gauge 'O' Guild show at Kettering (5th March). Please note that I must be advised in advance as not all stock is taken to shows.

1st February 2016.

Just back from the Bristol show and now planning for the ALSRM show at Manchester (14th February) and the Gauge 'O' Guild show at Kettering (5th March).

18th January 2016.

We are now approaching the Bristol 'O' Gauge show which will be held at the University of the West of England, Filton, on Sunday 31st January 2016. Any item of available stock can now be reserved for your inspection at this show with no obligation, please email or telephone 01422-201247.

24th December 2015.

Holiday Arrangements Christmas/New Year 2015/2016. Please note that I will be working normally over the Christmas holidays, excluding 25th December. I will then be away on holiday 30th December to 10th January 2016 inclusive and unlikely to be answering emails during this time. Normal service will resume on Monday 11th January 2016.  

29th November 2015.

I have been busy for the last couple of weeks getting ready for the Reading show (Saturday 5th December) but have found time this weekend to add quite a bit of new stock to the website. Please note that any item can be taken to the Reading show for viewing but please make a request by phone or email as I do not take all my website stock to the shows. After Reading we can look forward to Bristol (Sunday 31st January 2016) and I have also booked a stand at the ALSRM show at Manchester on Sunday 14th February 2016.

7th September 2015

So Telford was a great show which has been and gone for another year. I have just taken my sold stock off the website, however the good news is that I have brought quite a bit back with me and will be starting to list this new stock within a few days.  

30th August 2015

With Telford less than a week away, can you bear in mind that I do not take all stock to shows. Please ensure you let me know if there are particular items you want me to take to Telford.

12th August 2015

In recognition and spirit of the Telford show and the fact it is our biggest event of the year, I will be including some limited 'Show Offers'.  I have started marking a small number of items on the website where I am able to offer at a reduced 'Show Offer' price.

1st August 2015

So as we move into August it is preparation time for Telford and certainly that will be my main focus for the next few weeks with more stock to be added to the website. Any items offered for sale can be reserved for inspection at Telford for a small deposit, refundable if you should decide not to proceed with a purchase.

25th July 2015

DC and DCC. I am often asked if my models are fitted with DCC and/or Sound and/or Smoke. The general rule is that if not stated otherwise, locos are DC only. In this context DC means fitted with direct current motors rated at 12v - 16v (but will typically run slow speed at much less than 12v). If I offer for sale a loco with DCC (Digital Command Control) and/or Sound and/or Smoke I will always state that in the description.

24th July 2015.

Philosophical Ramblings of a Locomotive Fan. I am just preparing a Sunset A3 for the website and their blurb states 'Congratulations on your purchase of the finest example of brass artwork in model railroading today...' Its the 'brass artwork' that got to me as I have had a long held belief that top quality model railway work is certainly in the category of Fine Art. So OK it may not hold up against the French Impressionists, but one only has to look at how the work of the great Stanley Beeson has become so highly desirable and collectable (and valuable). I certainly believe that top quality railway models (scratchbuilt, kitbuilt and Korean and Chinese factory built models produced in the last 10 years) hold their own in the category of 'Fine Art'.  'Not in the Beeson League' I hear you all shout but certainly a good debating point (come and talk to me at Telford). 

28th June 2015.

I have now added the 4 Heljan diesels. As we move into July next week, thoughts start turning towards the Telford show which is only a matter of weeks away. I plan to try and get as much stock listed as I can well in advance, as I always have lots of orders in the run up to Telford and so lots of stock to deliver.

27th June 2015.

I have just added some nice Gauge '1' coaches.

19th June 2015. I have lots of stock to add. To include several Heljan diesels in Limited Edition Tower Models liveries. A rake of 6 Heljan BR Mk1 coaches in crimson/cream. Sunset 'Flying Scotsman' (LNER apple green, as preserved) and 'Sir Nigel Gresley' (BR green).

17th June 2015. Started adding a few items in Gauge 1.

14th June 2015. I have started adding the first batch of new stock today. Expecting to add more stock later this week.

11th June 2015. I have just about recovered what was lost, my next job is to start photographing the considerable amount of stock that has come in during the last 3 or 4 weeks. I hope to start listing this on Sunday or Monday.

10th June 2015. It has been a traumatic couple of weeks, my previous web hosting service Zyweb failed with a 'catastrophic crash' which supposedly wiped out mine and hundreds of other websites (where was the backup my friends??). Having been with them since Steamline first went online, I have had to find a new web design and hosting service and am now with Squarespace, however its just like learning a new language and I am still finding my way. At least I have the bones of a website now published and will build on that quite quickly to recover what was lost (thankfully I have all the lost images and text on my own computer). I will then start to add new stock and in particular have a large number of top class coaches to add, mostly in sets.




A very fine model of LBSCR Stroudley D1 class 0-4-2T Tank locomotive No 248 ‘Ashurst’  superbly painted by Les Richards, my good friend who sadly is no longer with us.

A very fine model of LBSCR Stroudley D1 class 0-4-2T Tank locomotive No 248 ‘Ashurst’  superbly painted by Les Richards, my good friend who sadly is no longer with us.