A superb model from a Piercy/DJH kit of BR ex- LNER Thompson B1 4-6-0 No. 61039 ‘Steinbok’. Fitted with ABC gearbox, Slaters wheels and with superb cab detail and crew. Beautifully built and painted in BR lined black to a very high standard. Lightly weathered. DCC fitted (address 1039). Note that Piercy kits are the top of the DJH quality range for detail and accuracy. Shedplate 51A Darlington although I remember this as a Low Moor (Bradford) loco, a long demolished shed just a few miles from where I am presently sitting. Introduced in December 1947 from Darlington works it had many shed allocations until withdrawal from Doncaster in the summer of 1965. Lightly used. RESERVED.