MVT321. This is a Collection of etchings, castings, parts and wheels to build 4 GWR coaches. These are not kits but a collections of parts, mostly by CPL to build hard to find prototypes. The 4 GWR prototypes are (1) Concertina Composite to Diagram E81. (2) Dreadnought Brake/Third to Diagram D42. (3) Dreadnought Composite Diner to Diagram H8. (4) Dreadnought Concertina Brake/Third to Diagram D43. There 4 large brass etches for the above coaches. Additionally there are 6 smaller brass etches marked Dreadnough Underframe (x2), Concertina underframe (x2), Concertina slip composite (sides) and Dreadnought D42 Compartment (sides). These are all in original tissue paper, unwrapped. In addition there are 4 sets of GWR whitemetal bogie kits with wheels (Slaters and others). There is a quantity of brass angle presumably for forming the sides of the underframes. Finally there is a box containing a large number of CPL brass detailing castings (all in individual packets). So this is the basis for a scratchbuilder to build 4 very hard to find GWR prototypes. This collection of parts is difficult to photograph as I prefer not to unwrap all the etches but I will supply more details on request. £500 for the Collection.