LSL20. A very fine model of BR ex- GWR ‘Saint’ 4-6-0 No. 2934 ‘Butleigh Court’. This is from a DJH/Piercy top quality kit built by a first class modelmaker and painted and lined in BR lined black with early crest by Conrad Cooper. It is uniquely fitted with the 3500 gallon welded tender which is correct for this loco in BR days (DJH produced only a single welded tender etch as a factory sample, and this is what is used on this model). Fitted with Maxon motor, ABC gearbox, and with superb cab detail. This is a new model having been test run only. The prototype was into service from Swindon Works in November 1911 as one of the 25 locos in the ‘Court’ series and was withdrawn in June 1952, almost certainly from Swindon shed. £1995.