LPA10. An excellent model of a Somerset & Dorset 0-6-0 tender loco No. 261 in S&DJR Prussian blue. This is a kitbuilt model (probably from the Slaters kit). Built and painted by Simon Greenwood. With fully working (and visible) inside motion. Also fitted with Portescap motor, excellent cab detail and crew (Fireman is included but not fitted at present). Lightly used. This is most definately an example of the Midland Railway curved frame ‘Kirtley Goods’. However all research to date suggests that No. 261 only existed as a Midland Railway loco of the straight frame variety, so to be historically accurate this model should really be repainted in MR crimson lake, and renumbered in the Kirtley curved frame series. As a result the price has been reduced significantly as the model currently does not represent a prototypical loco. RESERVED.