LPA08. An excellent model of BR ex- LMS Rebuilt 'Patriot' 4-6-0 No. 45535 'Sir Herbert Walker K.C.B'. This is from a Gladiator kit, built by Keith Daddy and painted Larry Goddard (signed). In BR lined green with early crest and shedplate 8A Edge Hill (Liverpool). Fitted with Portescap motor, Slaters wheels and with excellent cab detail and crew. Note that whilst not fitted the smoke deflectors are provided. The model is very lightly used, and has a few minor marks on the paintwork on one cabside. It is rare to see a rebuilt Patriot modelled in this form, in the case of 45535 the prototype was rebuilt in September 1948 but smoke deflectors were not fitted until January 1952. It was withdrawn from Carlisle Kingmoor in October 1963. £1,200.