LPA01. A very good example of LNER Gresley A4 Pacific No. 4903 'Peregrine'. This is in LNER garter blue with streamlined non-corridor tender and double chimney. Fitted with compensation (loco and tender), Portescap motor/gearbox, excellent cab detail with crew, and coal in tender. Kitbuilt by Brian Brown (looks to be from a Martin Finney kit), painted by Larry Goddard (signed). A smooth and quiet runner. Lightly used. The prototype was into service from Doncaster Works in July 1938 but in March 1948 was renamed as 60034 'Lord Faringdon'  in line with the practice of naming locos after LNER Directors. This gentleman as Chairman of the GCR then Deputy-Chairman of the LNER had the distinction of having TWO locomotives named after him, the first being a GCR B3 then this A4. It was withdrawn from Aberdeen Ferryhill in August 1966. SOLD.