An excellent model BR ex- LMS Stanier 8F 2-8-0 No. 48706. This is from a Tower Models/DJH kit, in BR plain black heavily weathered. Built and painted by Roger Scanlon and weathered by Tony Geary. It has a Ron Chaplin helical gearbox and is fitted with a Digitrax DCC decoder (address 8706) and will also run on DC. Shedplate 82F Bath Green Park. Additionally fitted with extra pickups on the tender, Premier milled rods, excellent cab detail and crew. The prototype was one of the Southern Railway built examples, emerging from Brighton Works in June 1944.After early years in the North West it moved down to South Wales but in June 1965 it arrived at Bath Green Park for the last months of the S&D where it was a regular performer, including on the Great Western Society ‘Farewell to the S&D’ tour in March 1966. It was withdrawn in the same month. Lightly used. £1250.