LJA02. A very good older model of LMS Fowler Patriot 4-6-0 No. 5501 'Sir Frank Ree'. Scratch built by Martin Wyatt and painted in LMS lined crimson, and weathered, by Phil Comtache. Shedplate 1B Camden. Fitted with large Buhler or similar motor,multi stage gearbox, solid cast wheels and excellent cab detail with crew. Additionally fitted with DCC (not sound), address 5501. The model is lightly used. The prototype was into service from Derby Works in November 1930 and carried the name 'Sir Frank Ree' until 1937 when the name was transferred to 5530, and 5501 became 'St. Dunstans'. As BR No. 45501 it was withdrawn from Carlisle Upperby in August 1961. RESERVED.