CVT24. An excellent Rake of Six LNER Gresley Teak Corridor Coaches. These are very well built and painted by Dave Austin, with a first class representation of teak livery, from Sparmac kits. Comprising of (1) 8 compartment all Third No. 5637 (2) 8 compartment composite No. 1259 (3) Open Third No. 43612 (4) 4 compartment Brake Third No. 4942 (5) Buffet car No. 643 (6) Brake Composite No. 1590. Sparmac went out of business years ago and subsequently the moulds were bought and the kits were reissued by JLTRT, but these are again no longer available. The coaches are fitted with Kaydee couplings and have had minor modifications to the bogies to accommodate these. They have had some use but remain in excellent condition and are believed to be a set previously owned by Pete Waterman. SOLD.