CSL06. An excellent Rake of Seven BR Mk1 Corridor Coaches in BR(W) Chocolate/Cream. These are all by Bachmann Brass, beautifully painted and fitted out by a top class modelmaker. The rake comprises of the following. (1) Corridor Composite (CK) First/Third No. W15583. (2)  Corridor First (FK) No. W13134. (3) Restaurant Miniature Buffet (RMB) No. W1814. (4) First Open/Restaurant First Open (RFO) No. W3085 fitted out as a Restaurant car. (5) Corridor Composite (CK) First/Third No. W15584. (6) Second Open (SO) No. W3789. (7) Brake Corridor Composite (BCK) No. W21188. All have Commonwealth bogies except the BCK which has BR Mk1 bogies. All are unused and supplied in original boxes. RESERVED.