CPA02. An excellent Rake of SEVEN ‘K’ Type Pullman Cars. These are from Wayoh brass and aluminium kits with Wayoh Bogies, very well built by Wilf Gammack (former owner of Wayoh) and painted and fitted out by Conrad Cooper. They comprise of the following (pre-war service also shown). Parlour Brake/Third No. 54 (LNER, SR). Parlour Car Third Class with Kitchen No. 31 (SR). Parlour Car No. 84 (LNER, SR). Parlour Car ‘Lydia’ (SR). Parlour Car ‘Eunice’ (GWR, SR, LNER). Parlour Car with Kitchen ‘Coral’ (South Eastern & Chatham Rly then SR. Note that this model is not strictly correct as 'Coral' preceded the introduction of the 'K' type Pullmans in 1923). Parlour Brake/Third No. 55 (LNER, SR). These models were built quite a number of years ago but have had very little use. Six are supplied in original Wayoh boxes. RESERVED.