CJA09. An excellent Rake of six LMS Period II Corridor Coaches. These are kit/scratchbuilt by John Petcher, one of our finest coach modellers, and all carry his black makers plate to the underside . The rake comprises of the following. (1) Corridor First/Third Composite No. 9397 to diagram D1716 (Wolverton 1930). (2) Corridor First/Third Composite No. 14993 to diagram D1791 (Wolverton 1931). (3) Corridor Vestibule Open Third No. 1326 to diagram D1721 (Derby, 1930). (4) 12 Wheel Corridor Composite Dining/Kitchen Car No. 10439 to diagram D1811 (Derby 1932). (5) Corridor First/Third Composite No. 9398 to diagram D1716 (Wolverton 1930). (6) Corridor Composite First/Third/Brake No. 3529 to diagram D1720 (Wolverton 1930). Note that the Dining Car could have been used for 1st or 3rd class passengers depending on the formation it was used in, hence as per the prototype it is not marked ‘1st’ or ‘3rd’. The models have had limited use and there are some light markings notably to some of the roofs from being stood on a layout. SOLD.