An excellent Rake of Five LMS Period III Stanier Corridor Coaches. These are kitbuilt by Duchess Models, painted by Larry Goddard, and all are signed and dated 1982. Comprising of the following. (a) 12- wheel Dining Car No. 139 to Diagram D1923 (Derby, 1937). (b) Third Corridor No. 1744 to Diagram D1899 (Wolverton, 1934). (c) Third Corridor No. 2002 to Diagram D1899 (Wolverton, 1937). (d) First/Third Composite Corridor No. 3868 to Diagram D1898 (Wolverton, 1934). (e) Brake/Third No. 5527 to Diagram D1905 (Derby, 1934). All are lightly used. £1695 for the Rake of Five.