CDAB32. An excellent Three Car Rake from the Post-War 'Coronation' Set. These highly detailed brass coaches are by Golden Age Models and comprise of the following. A 2-car articulated twin set numbers E1717E (Open Third) and E1718E (Brake Third). Together with Beavertail Observation Car No. E1719E. These are in BR crimson and cream representing the coaches running as general service stock in the early and mid- 1950's. Fitted with interior lighting, and the Observation Car has working tail lamps. As running from 1937 up to the war the train was formed of four two-car articulated units in two-tone blue, with the observation car added in summer. The coaches were stored during the war then became general service stock repainted in crimson/cream under BR ownership, with the observation car added for special services. The models are supplied in original boxes and are very lightly used. SOLD.