CDAB27. A Rake of Five BR Corridor Coaches Comprising of 4 BR Mk1's with a Stanier Restaurant Car. This is a used set in BR crimson and cream. The BR Mk1's are by Bachmann Brass and comprise of (1) Full Brake (BG) No. E80648. (2) Second Corridor (SK) No. E24188. (3) First Corridor (FK) No. E13036. (4) Brake/Composite (BCK) No. E21036. Coach (5) is a Stanier ex-LMS 12 wheel Restaurant/Kitchen Car No. M246M (to Diagram D1938). The rake has Kadee couplings except at one end of each brake coach which have hook couplings. As a used rake there is some very minor damage such as a portion of rain strip missing from the roof of the Restaurant car. There is also minor paint loss on underframes and bogies (body paintwork is all good). The coaches were all painted by Dennis Morley.  The Bachmanns are supplied in original boxes, and the Restaurant car is also supplied in a Bachmann box. SOLD.