I have a number of BR Mk1 coaches by Bachmann Brass/Sancheng available. All are in plain brass in original boxes, unused. All are on BR Commonwealth bogies of the type introduced in the late 1950's (the example below is a Second Open shown on BR Mk1 bogies, the Commonwealth bogies are more detailed).  The coaches I have available are as follows. Second Open (SO), Second Corridor (SK), First Corridor (FK), First Open (FO), Brake Corridor Composite (BCK). I have only one of each coach apart from the SK of which I have 3. The BCK will only be sold with at least 2 other coaches as the Brakes are harder to find. I also have a Restaurant Miniature Buffet (RMB) which will only be sold as part of a rake as these are hardest to find. Prices are between £180 and £200 per coach (£225 for the RMB). Please enquire for details.

NOTE ADDED 30/01/18. I have now sold several of these coaches. So the only remaining coaches are one each of SO, SK, and FO at £180 Each.